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Do you like Africa it´s animals, Parks and still wild life? Do you dream about meeting a wild lion, elephant, giraffa or a rhinoceros? Do you don´t know weight of a rhinoceros or how big a crocodile is? Then, you are on the right place.

Animal Encyclopedia

Animal Encyclopedia

This part is focused on African animals and their behaviour. Of course you won´t miss pictures and taxonomy (ranking of animals according to their species, genus, family etc.)

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If you want only pictures of animals, look at pictures where you find lots of good quality photos

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National Parks and Reserves

National Parks and Reserves

This part is focused on description of Parks that is good to visit on your adventure trip.

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I hope that you get to know lots of new informations about animals ethology and about the environment, they live in and you will be glad to go back my web site. Let´s go to a virtual visit of Africa and you can make your childhood dream come true a little bit.

Web site is frequently updated.

Radek Klimes, Author of the project

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