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On this site I would like to thank you to people that helped me to create this web site by expert assistance or offering me the photos and others materials. This site is still edited and continuously supported with back links of authors of the photos, that I have searched and also the links with similars web sites. Very often the author of the photos is impossible to find even if I try as I can. If anybody finds a photo that is capable of proof his/herś, I´ll be very glad when he/she let me know so I can put there his/her´s link with others photos. If he/she doesn´t agree, the photo will be deleted.

First, I´d like to thank for big willingness and help with solving some problems to Mrs. RNDr. Dana Holečková, directress of ZOO Dvůr Králové nad Labem. Also, I would have problems to get some informations without help from Mr. RNDr. Miloš Anděra CSc. from the National Museum and Mr. RNDr. Evžen Kůs from ZOO in Prague, who gave me specialized literature. At the end, I cannot forget to mention Mr. Halada and his company LTweb. They have made an excellent work on making my web site and also Mr. Jan Ondroušek, creator of the logo.


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